important information

1 Nu (Ngultrum) = 1 Rupee
(Ngultrum is pronounced as Naltram)
Rupee happily accepted everywhere (except Notes of 500 and 1000)

+0600 GMT  or  +0030 IST  
(In Layman’s language = Add 30 minutes to Indian Time to get Bhutan’s local time)  

Petrol was 10 Rupees cheaper in Bhutan. I came to know this from a petrol pump in India enroute Jaigaon. Get your tank full at Phuentsholing while entering and leaving Bhutan. This is a common practice of Indian vehicles based around Jaigaon.

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Popular Tourist places – Starting from Nu 500 to Five star hotels
Less popular places – Starting from Nu 250 to Nu 700 or may be more

Phuntsholing – 200 mts
Paro – 2240 mts

People – Good (but exceptions are everywhere. A boy stole our camera)
Roads – Good (very few rough patches)
Landscape – Very good with lots of variety

Some useful words

  • Guzuzangpo – Namaste (in Hindi), Hello
  • Kadinche - Thanks
  • La – Ji (in Hindi), Sir
  • lakhang = temple
  • Dasho – babu (sarkari baabu, with respect)

'How to get a permit to enter Bhutan'   

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