Nepal and Bhutan are the only neighbouring countries of India, where Indian citizens are not required a Visa / Passport. Indians need to carry few valid documents to enter in Bhutan. So lets see what are the necessary documents and formalities for Indian Citizens to enter in Bhutan.

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After successfully completing a ride to Nepal few years back, I visited Bhutan on bike some time back. Before this ride, like you, I also had lots of questions regarding the entry procedure and other formalities. I called the Bhutanese embassy, but did not get any satisfactory answer. Instead Internet came to my rescue. 

So, here I am writing what all I experienced and understood while getting the permission to enter Bhutan. (PLEASE EMAIL ME here, IF THERE IS ANY CORRECTION OR ADDITION NEEDED)

Phuentsholing - Gateway to Bhutan (By road)

This is the place from where you enter Bhutan by road. The last Indian town is Jaigaon (West Bengal) which actually borders Phuentsholing. A wall between these towns divides both the nations. Unlike other countries, Indians are allowed in Bhutan upto a certain distance without any permission. But for going beyond Phuentsholing, you need a permit.

As I entered the huge gate mentioning ‘Welcome to The Royal Kingdom of Bhutan’ I saw neat and clean roads, well managed traffic and vehicle parked in organised manner. I enquired one of the policemen for getting the permit and he pointed towards a building on my right. This was the ‘Revenue and Customs Checkpost’ from where I was supposed to get the entry permit. However, to get the permission for letting my bike in Bhutan, I had to go to another office. (read 
'How to get a permit for your vehicle' ) I have posted some more information and relevant videos on

In front of the Customs office I could see lots of labourers from India waiting for their turn to get their ‘work permit’. Lots of Indians work in Bhutan. Their formalities were quite different from mine as I needed a ‘Tourist permit’. I went on the first floor and filled up the permit form.

Documents needed to get a permit

1. Identity and address proof
  • Voter Identity card 
  • Government employee I card
  • Driving liscense with photo
  • Passport
2. Two Passport size photographs
3.  Duly filled up application form

I submitted the application with desired documents. I was said to sit and wait for a while. After sometime they called me and shot a picture from their own digital camera. Within an hour of applying I got my permit.

Time - 6am to 10pm

'How to get a permit for your vehicle' 
Other Important imformation
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I have posted some more information and relevant videos on